About us


Bandala Enterprises is a transport and logistics company established in 2018 by a team passionate about transporting goods. The vision was to create a world-class integrated transport and logistics outfit, geared to serve our clients and contribute towards the growth of Zambia’s economy as transport plays a vital role in industrialisation and development.  The team at Bandala Enterprises has forged strong relationships with clients in several sectors, through a solid understanding of different challenges that arise in the transportation of goods for various industries, with our main focus on construction and light-cargo general haulage.

We are currently equipped with a fleet of eleven (11), 20-tonne tipper trucks for construction logistics and three (3), 5 tonne light trucks meant for the movement of light goods. Our vehicles are well serviced and driven by skilled operators with many years of experience in construction logistics and general light-cargo transportation.

We provide pivotal transport solutions in the construction, retail, and farming industries throughout Zambia. In the construction industry our experienced drivers, provide movement of sands, graded aggregates, and hardware for individuals, government, and private corporations. Whereas for the farming and retail sector we move goods to-and-fro farms, warehouses, manufacturers, and wholesalers within Lusaka as well as remote areas. Over the years our quest for excellence in moving goods has seen us reach remote areas such as farms in Northwest Province and Eastern Province, groceries to Luapula, Kasama, Mongu, Jimbe, Serenje, and Shangombo to name a few destinations.


Our mission is to build a world-class transport and logistics enterprise that is customer-centred to facilitate the smooth flow of project programmes, ensuring timely and safe delivery of goods. Using the expertise of our staff and management, coupled with well-serviced vehicles we seek to guarantee that projects are completed well, and in time without materials delay, fresh produce is delivered safe-in-time, groceries and stock are delivered safe-in-condition.


To be the first choice transport and logistics company through excellence, building unmatched customer loyalty while offering complete within-budge transport solutions.


Our values provide the standard of behaviour by which we conduct business. They represent how we treat one another, deal with our customers, stakeholders and how we keep ourselves accountable as a team:

Reliable, Timely, Efficiency